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I've been sending jokes and funny pictures out to my friends since the WWW started 🙂 In 1999 I thought I'd start keeping a bit of a record of what I sent out. and several iterations later - here it is! As a Member you can post your own Jokes, Pictures etc, which will appear on the site once I've approved them, and can also rate everything on the site! There are no Adverts anywhere, and your details will never be sold or passed along to anyone else.

Best wishes and many giggles, Dave

What A Coincidence

This guy with a big, shiny black eye was sitting in the airport terminal waiting for his plane.
Another guy with a big, shiny black eye came and sat next to him.
The second guy looked at the first and said, "Wow! I see you have a black eye too. How did you get yours?"
"Well, it was one of those tongue-twister situations. You see, I walked up to the ticket counter and the ticket agent had the biggest set of tits I’ve ever seen. So, instead of saying, ‘I’d like a ticket to Pittsburgh, please, it came out as ‘I’d like a picket to Titsburgh, please.’ She leaned over the counter and punched me right in the eye!"
"What a coincidence!" the second guy said. "I got my black eye in almost the same way. You know, one of those tongue-twister situations. I meant to say to my wife, ‘Can you pour me a bowl of Toasties, please?’ Instead, it came out, ‘You’ve ruined my life, you evil bitch!"




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