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I've been sending jokes and funny pictures out to my friends since the WWW started 🙂 In 1999 I thought I'd start keeping a bit of a record of what I sent out. and several iterations later - here it is! As a Member you can post your own Jokes, Pictures etc, which will appear on the site once I've approved them, and can also rate everything on the site! There are no Adverts anywhere, and your details will never be sold or passed along to anyone else.

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Thor !

In ancient times the great Norse gods were engaged in a protracted orgy.
It had gone on for several days.
Finally, all were completely sated.
The first to rouse from his slumber was the Great Norse God Thor.
He stood, reached down, picked up his wrap and placed it around his waist.
He looked around the Great Hall, noticing and remembering all the beautiful women with whom he had had occasion to copulate.
He was very pleased.
He took several deep breaths and realized he was rejuvenated.
Looking about the Great Hall, he noticed movement back against the back wall.
Squinting his eyes for sharper focus, he saw a young lady struggling to gain her feet.
She was supporting herself on one of the great columns.
She was beautiful.
It had been her first orgy and she had had a really great time.
Thor realized that he had not had this particular beauty over the past several days.
She was up.
He was up, so to speak.
Why not?
“Hello!”, he bellowed. “I’m Thor!”
“You’re thor?”, she said. “Why, I’m tho thor, I can hardly pith!”

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