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I've been sending jokes and funny pictures out to my friends since the WWW started 🙂 In 1999 I thought I'd start keeping a bit of a record of what I sent out. and several iterations later - here it is! As a Member you can post your own Jokes, Pictures etc, which will appear on the site once I've approved them, and can also rate everything on the site! There are no Adverts anywhere, and your details will never be sold or passed along to anyone else.

Best wishes and many giggles, Dave

Lawyer Jokes

Q: How do you know if a lawyer is well hung?

A: You can”t fit your finger between the rope and his neck.


Q: What do have when a lawyer is buried up to his neck in sand?

A: Not enough sand.


Q. What happens when you cross a Mafia don with a lawyer?

A. You have someone who makes you an offer you can’t understand!



Clumsy People Falling Over!
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