One hot summer day in a small town, a young boy was strolling down the street with his girl friend.

As they walked and window shopped, they came upon a shop owned by a Chinese man named Chan.

Among other things in his shop, Chan had hand carved figurines made of teak wood.

The girl friend exclaimed "Oh I would love to have one of those teaks!! They are beautiful!"

Well, as luck would have it, the girl friends birthday was only a week away and the young boy had not bought her a gift as yet.

After taking the girl home, he hurried back to the shop and asked Mr. Chan about the teaks.

"Oh teaks very fine quality" Chan replied "They are $20 apiece."

The boy said he only had $10 and told Chan what it was for and would he sell him a teak for that price.

Chan says no and tells the boy to leave.

The boy goes home thinking of a way to get one of those teaks for his girl friend.

Upon arriving home, the boy takes off his shoes and socks so his feet would cool off.

Just then, he sees a bear skin rug on the floor and has an idea.

He picks up the rug and goes downtown.

In his haste, the boy forgets to put his shoes back on, so he puts the rug over his head and goes into Chan’s shop and growls like a bear and goes over to the teaks and grabs one and goes out the door.

As he is leaving Chan yells at him: … "Come back — Boy foot bear with teak of Chan!"

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